Thursday, August 20, 2009


I like looking at people's groceries. You know, when you're waiting in line at the supermarket, and you check out what's in the carts of the people around you. It's fascinating. There's nothing else to do, so I tend to imagine how the food fits into their lives:
I wonder if all those chocolate bars are for her? No, she looks about 30, probably has a family. Bet dad's having the dark-with-almonds. Yeah, and the Kit-Kats are for the young'uns.

Why would he buy the expensive apples? Didn't he see the cheaper ones? They even looked better. Probably an inexperienced shopper. His wife will set him straight when she scrutinizes the receipt. It will be brought up in their next argument, which he will lose.

Jeez, that's a lot of fish. I bet she's entertaining tonight. I wonder how many people? She looks wealthy -- probably has a big house. With an indoor pool. Wish I'd been invited.
Funny how the mind wanders. The blog, too. Don't worry, there's a segue:

In my basket was exactly one item: a can of Sapporo beer.

What does that say about me? To the perspicacious, it says that I'd just come from the nearby Sapporo Beer Garden and passed on the $40 all-you-can-drink option in favor of my two-dollar can of pure, golden Sapporo beer.

Crrack! Glug Glug ... Ahhhhhh. Smooth. Like my transition up there ;)


  1. Yeah, but Sapporo on draught (in Hokkadio, even!) must be tastier and more refreshing than Sapporo in a can.

    However, it is nice that, in Japan, you have the option of drinking that can of pure and golden beer on the street.

  2. You're right, nama would've been better, but I was trying to travel on a budget. That and i've had Sapporo on tap many many times before!